Throughout my professional life as a band member or producer of many recordings with and for others I have always had the desire to record an album purely of my own music. Being primarily a piano player it felt natural that it should be a solo piano album. Having recently completed the build of my own recording facility - STEINWAY RECORDING - I finally had the opportunity to carry out and complete the project.

Recorded as the debut project in the studio, these eight pieces capture where I like to be in music. I really recommend switching off those numerous electronic and electrical things we seem to surround ourselves with, sit back and let the music take you! I hope you like the music as much as I do. 

OFFLINE - an album of eight piano compositions

£10 including post & packing worldwide

Accompanying sounds have been created from the Steinway using either volume pedal through Echoplex and digital delay, reverb or digital editing within the computer. Apart from a couple of soundscape samples it is entirely the Steinway Model B piano. Using only the piano to generate harmonic textures results in a wonderful unity in all the sounds, no matter how treated. I had a lot of fun on this exploration!

OFFLINE is only available on this website or at live performances